Table Linen

Table Linen



·      100% Cotton (DiRoNA, Parnell, Momie & CasaROVEA)

·      Cotton Blends (Ultimate, BeautiDamask & Permalux)

·      100% Polyester (Premier, RieNu & RieZerv)

·      Accessories (Placemats, runners & coasters)







A beautiful, elegant, luxurious linen collection, DiRōNA napkins and tablecloths are available in several styles including:


·      all-over pique,

·      bordered pique,

·      satin band  

·      micro check.


Riegel’s pure, natural DiRōNA linens are made with mercerized 100% 2-ply cotton with four-sided hems, an upscale yarn dye construction, and a calender finish.


Mini-Check by DiRoNA






Delicate and dainty, Mini-check napkins & table cloths are available in 3 perfect color options.  Made from 100% cotton the mini-check napkin is a nice update to traditional cotton linen.


•  22 x 22

•  100% luxurious cotton with superior softness and shine


Available in Bisque, Goldenrod, and Mist



Parnell & Momie






The Parnell collection, made of 100% cotton, is available in

·      Patridge Eye border (napkins in White, Black & Bahama Sand)

·      SatinBand White



Riegel's Momie linens are a true staple in many restaurant settings and are designed to be long lasting and affordable.  

Momie cloth is mercerized for strength and longevity.

•  Beautiful simplicity

Available in white only.



CasaROVEA by Parotex




CasaROVEA® Italian Linen

All CasaROVEA Linens are Made in Italy of 100% Combed Egyptian Cotton 2-Ply Yarns.

Over the years CasaROVEA has developed the capability to offer diversified and totally customized products.

Using only the best Egyptian quality yarns, in addition to many weights and yarn counts, CasaROVEA offers an impressive linen collection.



Table Linen by Riegel & CasaROVEA










Riegel’s Ultimate linens have a soft, cotton-rich hand and are a great way to coordinate any dining room. More cotton content means Ultimate table linens can offer more of the qualities and advantages of 100% cotton linen. 

•  60/40 cotton-rich blend

•  Ultra soft and smooth to touch

•  Superior colorfastness

Superior in wrinkle resistance







The traditional mainstay for a complete range of quality linens, Permalux can be used in every property from clubs, to hotels, to restaurants.

The attractive pricing, long lasting durability and an expanding colour selection, make Permalux a staple in many dining rooms. Permalux is also frequently used as an under cloth and is also

available in 2-ply bonded placemats.

•  Cotton/polyester blend

•  Wide selection of colors and sizes available

•  Durable momie weave

•  Fantastic wrinkle resistance

Extreme durability and color fastness to avoid fading



BeautiDamask SatinBand




Satin Band Beauti-Damask

Riegel’s cotton-blend Satin Band Beauti-Damask is the standard of perfection in the hospitality industry. The simplicity of the satin band design makes it the most popular pattern available.

•  Cotton/polyester blend

•  Luxurious vat dyed colors

•  Smooth, ultra soft hand

Fully mercerized



(Baroque, Rose & Grape)









Beauti-Damask (3 classic patterns)

Riegel’s cotton-blend Beauti-Damask offers a classic woven pattern manufactured on state of the art jacquard looms. These rich and unique patterns reflects luxurious and elegant dining at its best.

·      Enhances fine table setting

·      Cotton / Polyester


Premier 7.2 oz 100% Polyester






The ultimate in ring spun polyester with cotton-like softness. This forever loved linen continues to get better with time. Premier linens are available in a variety of patterns and colours. Premier placemats (12”x17”) are also available in certain colours.


•  100% spun polyester

•  7.2 oz/sq yard

•  Look and feel of cotton

•  Excellent colour retention and absorption

•  Superior stain release

No picking, snagging or linting



Premier Red / White Woven Check , 20”x20”



Premier Denim 16” x 22” 
Premier Reverse Bistro Stripe (available in 5 colours) 18”x22”
Premier Bistro Stripe (available in 5 colours) 18”x22”



Premier Vintage Charm – Burlap Look 



Premier Satin Stripe (available in Black or White)



Premier Damask In SatinBand, Rose and Featherleaf pattern



RieNu 100% (recycled) Polyester Table Linen







RieNu® Polyester Table Linen

Introducing RieNu®, the eco-friendly polyester table linen made 100% Post Consumer Recycled Polyester.  

Fact: 1 napkin eliminates 3 plastic water bottles from landfills. 

RieNu® displays the same attractive qualities as Premier table linen a cotton-like softness, superior quality and is available in a variety of beautiful colour choices and patterns.

•  Excellent colour retention and absorption

•  No picking, snagging or linting

•  Superior stain release


RieNu® Polyester.png



Available in 6 colours plus Pearl (white)



RieNu Bistro Stripe Napkin Forest Green 18”x22”



RieNu Fleur de Lys Jacquard Bistro 



Table Linen Accessories



Placemats, Runners, Coasters and Beverage Napkins (for the linen-less look)

Riegel offers a variety of placemats (fabric & vinyl), runners (plain and with designs), coasters and beverage napkins for every table setting - even if you're linen-less.

RieZerv by Riegel 6.4 oz

(optically brightened 100% MJS Polyester)




RieZerv™ yours today – available in white, black & ivory




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